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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Fire Department?

You can follow this link and fill out an application. Or stop by any of our three stations and pick up an application. 

Can you get my cat out of a tree?

The Fire Department does not assist in animal rescues. Please contact Guildford County Animal Control (336)641-5990 

What do I do if I smell gas in my house?

You will need to immediately exit your home and call 9-1-1 from a mobile device or a neighbors house. The use of a phone in the home could cause the gas to ignite if used inside the house with a gas leak.

What do I do if I see or hear an Emergency Vehicle come towards me while driving?

When it is safe to do so, pull over to the right ride of the road and stop until all emergency vehicles have safely passed. If you cannot safely maneuver to the right side of the road simply stop and stay still until the emergency vehicles can safely go around you. 

Why do I have two line items for fire department taxes?

Summerfield was established in 1951 and at that time the general statute only allowed tax rates to be $.10 or less.  Other departments in Guildford County were established later in the 60’s and 70’s and by that time the general statute had changed and allowed those departments a tax rate of $.15 or less.  With departments needing more paid staff due to decreased volunteer numbers, it costs more to operate.  To help departments out, Guildford County allows departments to make Individual Fire Department Service Districts, which allows departments to get more than $.10.  It is really only one tax rate of $.131.  It can be confusing, but it is what’s needed to keep our department running efficiently and to keep the citizens of Summerfield safe.

Why do we see Fire Department Crews at the store while on-duty?

Full-time crews work a 24 hours shift, they must prepare and eat most meals at the station. At times they eat together as a group. Once most of their daily duties are complete a crew and one of the fire trucks will make a quick trip to the store to purchase meals for the shift, which is paid for out of the firefighters own pocket. All crews must remain in service and available to respond to emergencies, even while out to the grocery store.  

I just moved to Summerfield and notice there are no fire hydrants. What happens if my house catches on fire?

Summerfield does not have any fire hydrants. We practice what is called rural water operations if your house catches on fire. We have tankers at each of our three stations that bring water to your home if it is on fire. Once one tanker runs out of water they must go to a designated water point (ponds, lake, or creeks) and fill up then return to continue supplying water. 

Does the fire department fill fire extinguishers?

Summerfield is not equipped to fill or charge fire exstingushers at this time. However, you can perform a quick Google search for your  local fire extinguisher business, or find them in the Yellow Pages.

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